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Thousands Say They Don’t Want Cure For Dementia Proposed by David Cameron

LONDON - England - Prime Minister, David Cameron has vowed to increase funding to cure dementia. Many in Britain are fighting to keep their dementia.

“I personally want to forget living in David Cameron’s Britain. Why the hell would I want to remember any of that when I get old?” Arthur Tenniselbowe, 34, an unemployed graduate from Slough told the Telegraph.

Thousands have signed on a petition to be presented at Downing Street tomorrow telling Cameron to lay off the dementia cure.

“Some things are best forgotten and I’d rather forget living in abject poverty, having to rely on pay day loans to feed myself and freezing to f*cking death in a bedsit cubicle living out of a suitcase with no prospect of getting a job. Overcrowded cities and roads, no support and food costs that make eating a luxury. Why remember that? Give me full blown dementia any day. Can’t wait.” a former legal aid barrister added.

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