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Bulgarians and Romanians Want Jobs as MPs in Parliament

LONDON - England - Millions of Eastern Europeans are queuing up to come to Britain in January 2014 so they can get jobs as low paid MPs in the Houses of Parliament.

Silas Jebko, 45, a professional Bulgarian beggar from Sofia, revealed his story to the BBC today.

“We were told there are some great low paid jobs as MPs in your country. I can’ t wait to take over from your lazy English MPs. First thing I will do is make a law to bring my whole family, all 4,870 of us.”

Gippo Fenster, a street peddler from Romania was eager to take over from House Speaker John Bercow.

“I hear his wife likes gypsies? I’m going to take his job, then his wife. My extended family of 14,000 will be encamped in the Houses of Parliament bar. First round’s on me, paid for by the taxpayer of course.”

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