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America Had to Change

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - President Obama has actually done a very good job in changing the infrastructure of America, a key Washington think tank has revealed.

Policy researcher Keith Blakelock, for the Global United Missionary Position think tank has outlined how America in its previous incarnation was never going to work out.

“Obama has been good for America. He has changed the nation forever, and there’s no going back to its former waste driven greed fuelled glory. Through debt, Obama will force Americans to change their wasteful ways. You see there will be no option. It will simply be survival. Now this is the stick method as opposed to the previous carrot method of unbridled capitalism and greed.

“He has not only changed the landscape of American health care where only the prosperous could be treated in previous times, but now everyone is in the same boat rich and poor. This is one of the beautiful parts of the new system. Everyone will be poor not just the poor. Socialism has had bad press in America but it’s a great system that serves the elite. You see socialism and communism are tools for a very select few people to control many, and these forms of rule were created by the elite during the late 19th century, Obama himself is part of this very select circle of engineers in modern times, and his acting skills help the cause immensely.

“Under Obama we have also seen the rise of the minority elements of the population who are supposedly championed by Obama and his tightly controlled circle. Now blacks, Hispanics and illegal immigrants are superseding the whites for the first time in America, a country that used to have very strict racial rules of ascendancy. Before, the European stock dictated every facet of culture, politics and business but those days are gone never to return again and all for the better of course.

“Obama’s championing of abortion is a vital tool in the depopulation strategy as is the championing of homosexual rights and marriage. In fact, there has been a global push for homosexuality as this will break down traditional heterosexual families further and result in less births worldwide, coupled with minor uprisings here or there, and selective outbreaks of infectious diseases, the populations can be culled further.

“As for Obama’s stance on the American penchant for toting guns, he has shown great adversity and courage in the fight against this dangerous ¬†culture. This is by no means a strategy that is constrained to North America but the world as a whole espoused by the United Nations. By denying ordinary citizens of their much loved guns, there will eventually be peace and naturally, total control by the few. At the moment, citizens holding their own weapons are a risk to the elite because they are many, and the elite are few. President Obama, along with the esteemed Feinstein and Holder have garnered great support in the total disarmament of Americans. The final push could be soon. Maybe another event could do the trick.”

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