Twerk Scientists Need More Funding

LONDON - England - Scientists at the National Undulating Twerk Science research labs are appealing to the government for more funding into their twerk research.

“Our budget of £56 million does not cover our research for 6 months let alone a year,” Dr. Ronald Cracarr,  told a parliamentary meeting on Friday.

The twerk research centre in central London also has labs in Kingston, Jamaica as well as Atlanta, USA.

“It is fundamental that we get more funding for the important study of the twerking phenomenon sweeping the world. Hillary Clinton who has a keen interest in twerking as well as Michelle Obama have given their support. We had Miley Cyrus in last week who gave us a three hour twerk. She was such an expert that even when exiting our lab she put her bottom on the floor and moved around dragging her buttocks like a dog does when it has worms. Now that’s something we have never seen before,” research assistant, Donald Trumpet, told the Lancet medical journal.