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CODE: Bushwick – U.S. States Secede – Revolution

NEW YORK - USA - The break-up of America, civil war and revolution. This is the possible Bushwick future of the USA.

The 2017 film, Bushwick starring David Bautista, and Brittany Snow was strangely prescient to the events that may take place soon enough in the USA. Texas is seceding from the United States and has partnered with other Southern states (Louisiana, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia and Georgia with parts of Maryland and Pennsylvania also) to form the New American Coalition, with mercenaries and militias to infiltrate US areas, including Bushwick, New York for insurgency.

With the ongoing recession biting the U.S. economy and putting every part of society into a deadly stranglehold; there seems to be a deadly polarisation politically between the Republican and Democrat faction across the nation. The witch hunt on U.S. President Trump is the key to much of the seriousness of the situation, and the followers of Trump who have been pushed to the brink, eventually will crack.

“When you have such an enormous build-up of pressure, it has to go somewhere. This is just plain physics,” a Republican militia man revealed.

Not everyone wants global communism ruled by China; tyranny of the minority, a weaponised state system, Marxist woke indoctrination from kindergarten onwards. This is why there will probably be a Bushwick moment some time in the near future.


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