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America Now Land of Transgenderism and LGBTP

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - America is now a severely divided nation where divisive policies have alienated large sections of the population.

Who would have thunk it, huh? Just a half century ago, before Obama was even gracing the gay bath houses of Frisco, things were not so delineated. Sure there were gays and transexuals around, but they did their stuff in the privacy of their own homes, and people left them alone, pretty much.

Black people were generally celebrated with their music and sports, and to some extent they were left alone to do their thing. There was no predominant push to exclude or denigrate white people or any other people, let us say it was a gentle sort of inclusivity, a quiet one where people knew and tolerated other races and sexualities without the derision and hatred we see today.

obama-americaIt was only the Obama administration who started to skew things around for America, he effectively brought forward a programme of emasculation of men, and engineered race riots that he publicly delighted in. The American patriot was slammed, the military eviscerated of real men, and the core of true American values turned literally on its head.

Remember, this affects the entire globe as well, because even though many nations hate to admit it, they look up to America to lead the trends globally. By going queer, America alienated many of their previous allies not only in the developed Western world but in the developing nations.

americans vote trumpThe real core of America, those with patriotic, Christian values were left behind, that is until someone saw the gap in the market — Donald Trump. He very astutely took the position of Uncle Sam and tried to steer America back from a wrong turn in the road. Sure, it worked for a while, but it seemed he was now fighting some very evil and powerful forces who wanted him gone. The so-called ‘liberals’ were now ‘illiberal’ and no longer inclusive to patriot Americans or conservatives. Liberals were now practically communistic in their fervour to divide America with their ‘inclusive’ nature by making anything that was not queer, transgender, or black the enemy.

So, why is this all happening?

It is very clear that powers above governments are causing a change in all parts of American and Western civilisation for numerous reasons. Without delving into the realms of conspiracy theories, we must analyse the multiple variables of change and what their consequences are. Who is doing all of this? Who has the power to make ad agencies, conglomerates, industry and government suddenly change almost a 180-degree turn? Well, the ones who dwell above government and visible business, are the ones who ultimately have the power to do such things. Anyone who is visible is a mere intermediator, and this includes presidents.

The last question is why? Certainly, this is the ultimate question, and there are many theories as to why such a drastic change in everything is being literally pushed down peoples’ throats. Could be a drive for depopulation, destabilisation…anything.

Why destabilise your own capitalist, democratic heterogenous, relatively stable country? Because the ones above are looking for a totalitarian global scenario as the precursor for a world order. We already know China is idolised as the perfect model of governance for the entire globe by the UN, EU and WEF. China’s brutal, totalitarian communist regime is seen as the successor to Western democracy, and the Obama/Biden administration made this very clear. The other element we must consider is ‘climate change’ and the push for ‘Net Zero’ which is ultimately a code name for depopulation. Humans are terrible producers of waste and are carbon lifeforms. By pushing this agenda, many humans who think they are responsible human beings and care about the earth will happily be reduced to poverty, their assets confiscated and eventually die from sickness. That will be called ‘The Great Reset’ and will involve all material wealth and assets like property being stripped from all citizens. They say you will be happy about it too, as you are entertained by AI or VR or whatever comes along to alleviate your terminal human misery of collectivist communist poverty and existence.

America cannot be saved by elections alone

Can one man like Trump turn all this shit around? One doubts that very much, unless there is an all out civil war in America and Trump’s side wins, then nothing will be done and America as we knew it will be lost forever. The 2020 US election was a blatant scam, and everyone knows it. The Democrats have found ways of skewing the US electoral system for their benefit, and this means any successive election held in America is probably skewed, as the Democrats have corrupted the very ideal of democracy to suit themselves. Once America is lost, god knows what happens to the rest of the globe? Ultimately, it is up to true American patriots, those who can trace their ancestry back to the Mayflower, and the Pilgrims and those who relate to true American patriotism to change the destiny of their country. Whether this involves the blood of patriots being spilled against those of tyranny is a matter they can only make. The consequences for them not acting to save their beloved country is one where one can imagine a world where Chinese bulldozers will work day and night to push human corpses into mass graves or burning pyres. The second holocaust will not be remembered.


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