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Bakhmut is Putin’s Stalingrad

BAKHMUT - Ukraine - The leader of the Wagner group has claimed that the crucial city has fallen to Russian forces.

Yes, Yevgeny Prigozhin, the rabid Orc master of the Wagner mercenary group is playing a weird game of cat and mouse with his videos, but these days it is hard to tell the truth from any video or news announcement, especially from renowned liars and propagandists like Prigozhin.

Only last week, Yevgeny Prigozhin was lamenting the lack of ammunition supplies in one of his angry videos denouncing even Putin, who he called ‘grandad’, but yesterday he produces a video saying he has taken Bakhmut?

Even if his forces have taken Bakhmut, which is turning out to be a symbolic city much like Hitler saw Stalingrad, the Ukrainian forces will most certainly take it back, and are relaying news that Bakhmut has not fallen. Who to believe?

Well, that’s the thing in wars where the smoke and mirrors are out in force, and actual real news is hard to come by. Even today, in a modern news-gathering environment with up-to-date satellite information, there is still doubt in the air. To have one of Putin’s dogs barking away in the background is not evidence enough that this is a victory for the Russian Orcs.

Field Marshall Friedrich Paulus thought he took Stalingrad, practically pushing the Soviets into the Volga in 1942, but was eventually surrounded by the Red Army even as Hitler, like Putin, was delivering victory speeches in Berlin. In this sense, there is some similarity to Stalingrad, as Putin Hitler pats his dog Prigozhin on the back for a well-fought victory in Bakhmut.

Prigozhin is not as principled as Paulus, and says he is pulling his group of mercenaries out of Bakhmut to be replaced by the useless Russian army regulars and reserves. He knows very well that staying behind is a suicide mission for his men, therefore he is letting the regular army take the eventual defeat from the Ukrainian counteroffensive. By pushing through to Bakhmut, the Russians will be surrounded eventually by the Ukrainian forces, a repeat of what happened to Paulus and his 6th Army at the hands of the Red Army’s Operation Uranus.

Ukraine, the bread basket of the world, must be defended from the imperial army of Putin at all costs. It is imperative that the Ukrainian military is given all the support it needs from NATO nations, and supplied with the highest grade weaponry and F16 jets.

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