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Excavated Male Skeleton Who Identified as Woman Sues Archaeologist For Misgendering

LOS ANGELES - USA - An excavated male skeleton who identified as female sues an archaeologist.

It is the year 2050, and an archaeological dig on the site which used to be Los Angeles, comes up against a serious problem. The team uncovers a human skeleton which was immediately identified as male due to its biological structure, when suddenly the skeleton pops out of his hole and disputes the scientific biological fact.

“I am a woman despite my inherent male bone structure. Yes, I know when I was flesh and bones I had a cock and balls but due to indoctrination into the soviet woke transgender agenda of the time I along with many others believed emphatically that I was a woman. You as an archaeologist just misgendered me and I am going to sue you, bitch!”

Well, the skeleton in the closet of the entire transgender industry is that there are major differences in bone structure between males and females.

Male skeletal structures have larger, more robust bones and joint surfaces, and more bone development at muscle attachment sites. The pelvis is the best sex-related skeletal indicator, because of distinct features adapted for childbearing, thus indicating clear female traits. As the male brain is over 10% larger in males, the skull of a male is usually larger than a female skull.

Female Male Pelvis
Male vs female pelvis. Main differences.

Male and female differences in the pelvic area are very pronounced in skeletal structure. The larger female pelvis is better adapted for childbirth. It’s wider, longer, and held together by ligaments that soften during pregnancy, allowing the two halves to slide apart because of their narrow pelvis. The pelvic inlet for a female is open and circular, whereas a male’s is narrower and heart shaped. The sciatic notch in females is broader than that of a male, and females have a wider sub-pubic angle where the two bones meet. In general, the female hip bone is more outwardly flared than that of the male. Women’s slanted thigh-bones put extra pressure on the knee joints, which have to rotate, while men’s do not.

It is not just the pelvic area that distinguishes male and females, there are many differences, the main ones relating to skeletal structure are in overall height and bone density. Male skeletons are about 9% taller than females, and have 50% more bone mass in size and density. Men have larger heads and longer limbs than women, relative to body size.

At this point, when the male skeleton started ranting and raving about being a woman, the archaeologist listened intently. She then gently picked up a shovel and whacked the skeleton firmly on the skull shattering it into many bone fragments, before burying the bones in a very deep hole and walking away whistling.

Nothing was discovered at this archaeological dig site today. Transgenders are a different strand of humans purely due to thought and belief. Biological men and biological women are the only scientific biologic entities naturally existing as base structures. Transgenders may operate on their physical bodies but are still chained irrevocably and completely to their original biological selves in every way. Thought and belief are separate states to actual scientific and biological fact and applies to the entire universal structure. In this respect, there is man, woman and people who think they are transgender.

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  1. wrong and disgusting whoever wrote this horible fibs. who cares about skeltons? your joking right? iF I was born as a male and became a woman that means I am all woman bilogicaly. You cannot stop it.

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