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CCP: Biden Will Hold Back When China Strikes Taiwan

SOUTH CHINA SEA - Taiwan - When communist China invades the tiny island, Biden has been ordered by the CCP to hold back and to not engage U.S. military forces.

Kompromat is a very powerful thing, and despite the FBI and other federal agencies protecting the Biden family from its numerous alleged criminal dealings, when China finally pushes the trigger on Taiwan, Biden will do very little. This is because the Chinese Communist Party has a lot more damning information they could release that even the FBI and other biased agencies could not hide.

The military consensus is that Taiwan will be Ukraine 2.0, as much as the Biden/Obama administration simply watched Ukraine be invaded from afar in 2014, the current Biden/Harris administration will do the same with Taiwan. It’s not just that the current U.S. admin is completely useless and incompetent in every way, there are various factors to attribute to this intransigence to do anything.

islamic jihad joe biden kamala harrisOne only has to look at Democrat run cities to see how they ruin everything, and to supplant that serious neglect to how they run global issues that will bring the world to closer to world war III. The Democrats are more interested in perpetuating an atmosphere of drug death and severe homelessness in their shit heaving faeces ridden cities, as well as encouraging the full throttle emasculation of the entire male population, including the U.S. military. In effect, they are serving up their own country to the enemy because it is all too evident that the Democrat Party, which has embraced full communist Marxist ideology, is actively working to destroy the one thing they really hate — America.

china joe - beijing biden
Beijing Biden

To ameliorate this destruction of America from within and without, the disgraceful Biden administration will not defend a little poxy island like Taiwan. In fact, even if China lands its armies on mainland Australia or Japan, Biden will do very little.

The sea ways are open, and China is actively preparing for action, they have been watching the disgraceful treatment of Ukraine by its so-called allies and know that Biden’s economy is in serious deficit. Under Biden’s terrible policies of ruination, the U.S. Deficit has rocketed above $35 trillion, and is rising every day as Biden concentrates on the transgender and homosexual agenda as a matter of high national importance.

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