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The Woke West Aligning With Communist China With Loss of Democracy

WASHINGTON D.C - USA - The Woke West is falling prey to communist China with a reduction in democracy.

It is not just Western civilisation and democracy under threat, but the entire globe is falling mercy to woke communist ideology. The World Economic Forum and the likes of Klaus Schwab are making sure that soviet ideology is incorporated in education systems and all media, even including large corporate brands.

The model for the globe is the brutal regime of China, a genocidal communist state that treats their citizens like utter shit. We witnessed some of the ways the CCP deals with their citizens during the Covid pandemic and the recent demonstrations for democracy after a fire in Urumqi where people were locked in their homes by the authorities to burn alive. Since the Urumqi rebellion, anyone who dared to protest has been quietly rounded up by the CCP and disposed of with extreme prejudice.

The CCP long-term plan in the West was essentially demoralisation and integration into communist ideology, of course at the ultimate cost of democracy.

Over decades of demoralisation, China and other rogue nations like Russia are seeing the fruits of their labour coming to light. Wokism, censorship, cancel culture and the rewriting of all prominent Western literature and art is a step right into the arms of communist Marxist ideology pushed by China.

Essentially, the CCP wants Western culture and democracy eroded to such a point that eventually it will be interchangeable with Xi Jinping’s China. The EU is somewhat modelled on collectivist communist ideology where officials are not elected by the people but by politicians and technocrats. The EU Commission members are unelected by the people, and so is the EU President. This deficit of democracy is one of the many reasons why Britain voted to leave the EU in the first place. The USA, especially under Obama and Biden embraced soviet ideology and have brought US politics to the point of far left communist authoritarian ideology that eviscerates freedom of speech and democracy.

The future does not bode well for the West, which seems to have lost much of its democracy, free speech and ideals regarding liberty and justice. Embracing the brutal, totalitarian communist ideology of China at each turn.

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