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Friday, December 8, 2023
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Hyperinflation: Idiots Striking For More Pay Will Only Increase Interest Rates

LONDON - England - As more militant Marxist unions announce strikes, the country must prepare for hyperinflation because of their idiotic demands for more pay.

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Rail unions, postal unions, nurses, whatever unions have no idea about how economies work it seems. When there is a state of inflation which is unnatural, if you demand more pay, that state of unnatural inflation gets worse causing more inflation and another set of interest rate hikes.

Rail workers already receive pay levels over £70,000 per annum, how much more money do these greedy fuckers want? Union bosses on average are paid over £250,000 per annum, and are exploiting workers, many who are low-information automatons to do the militant Marxist actions of these manipulative bosses.

The goal is to decrease inflation not increase it to hyperinflationary levels that will ultimately result in economic collapse.

The overpaid Marxist cocksucker Union bosses are a blight and tragic curse to any functioning industry. These irrational militant Marxist Bolshevik shisters need to be tarred and feathered, drawn and fucking quartered and their remains displayed on the four corners of Britain.

If Rishi Sunak had any balls he would act now in curtailing these terrorist union bosses, but instead nothing is being done.

Britain is now facing another 1970s style Winter of Discontent that will pile on more misery for hard-working families already struggling and businesses trying to recoup losses from the pandemic.

Unions are not for the people — they are the enemy of the people.

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