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What Brexit? Tories Let in 500,000 Into Already Overcrowded UK In One Year

LONDON - England - Data from the ONS reveals that mass migration in to the UK was above 500,000, not including those who came across the Channel.

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When the Tories are letting in more economic migrants than Labour, you have to start asking questions. According to statistics released today, net immigration was 500,000 and that’s not including the 80,000 odd illegal migrants from across the Channel. This is possibly another reason why the Conservatives are almost guaranteed to lose the next election, as many former Tory voters defect to pro-Brexit parties.

You may wonder why the NHS is on its knees, and why you can’t get a doctor’s appointment, or why that desperate operation you need is being pushed towards a three-year waiting list. Well, Beveridge, who designed the NHS and much of Britain’s welfare system did not design it for this kind of population strain. In the 50s and early 60s, the NHS functioned with immaculate perfection, simply because the population of Britain was very low. The same applied to schools and public transport, and all the other institutions designed to serve the public.

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When there is a massive, fast influx of population, then it is only logical that services designed for a low manageable population do not work anymore. The same goes for the Benefits system, which is now a serious burden to the taxpayer. If there are only a few taxpayers left, then who pays the Benefits and NHS bills? Logic again comes to the rescue. Well, as Maggie once said, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

The No Borders activists who do not believe nations should have borders will also be suffering along with the rest of us now. Their free borders insanity means unfettered inward migration from the poorest nations of the world, all wanting the same thing, killing off the already struggling NHS and Benefits system once and for all. Can this tiny island accommodate the entire population of Sub Saharan Africa, the Middle East and South East Asia? According to them, it can, but physics says not.

Britain’s entire structure is built on a crumbling model that was not designed for massive population increases, especially in such a short time.

SovietThe future will indeed be very bleak for many, as the NHS will eventually succumb to the invading hordes, as will the social care system and benefits. The tiny lanes and narrow British roads will be unpassable due to the sheer number of vehicles all vying for the same space. Want a parking space? Fuck orf! There will be no parking spaces for your fucking vehicle, and there will be no hospital bed for your sick kid, and there will be no housing benefit for that single mother with seven kids, and there will be no ambulance when you are having a cardiac arrest.

Welcome to overcrowded Britain, where the houses are all squashed together, and you can’t swing an arm, let alone a cat. There is no space left, that is unless — they bulldoze all those lovely green fields and forests and build massive housing estates for the millions of more people, who all want an SUV, all want their kids to go to school, all want free healthcare and free money, free training, free food.

Forget about the rolling green hills of England …

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