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BLACK FRIDAY SALE: Save Over £600 Off This Amazing Product

LONDON - England - It's that Black Friday time again, and wow have we got some amazing deals for you this year.

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You can save over £600 on The Daily Squib Anthology First Edition Upgrade and Bonus content in our Black Friday Sale! You get …

£100 OFF the Squib Anthology First Edition Signed Upgrade (Inc. Lifetime Free Updates in laughter and serious toilet humour)

+ Bonus Jean Claude-Juncker’s Fart Museum (Scratch’n’sniff)
+ Bonus Simon Cowell Morning Sewage Tips (What a shithead)
+ Bonus Pumper Zuckerberg Money Love (Meta-bollocks)
+ Bonus Kissinger (End of the world stuff)
+ Bonus Hunter Biden Crack Biscuits (Yummy Yum Yum)
+ Bonus over 230 Quality articles that will whack your fucking socks off

= £618 Total value.

Sale ends November 30, 2022.

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  Daily Squib Book

  DAILY SQUIB BOOK The Perfect Gift For Christmas. Grab a piece of internet political satire history encapsulating 15 years of satirical works. The Daily Squib Anthology REVIEWS: "The author sweats satire from every pore" | "Overall, I was surprised at the wit and inventedness of the Daily Squib Compendium. It's funny, laugh out loud funny" | "Would definitely recommend 10/10" | "This anthology serves up the choicest cuts from a 15-year reign at the top table of Internet lampoonery" | "Every time I pick it up I see something different which is a rarity in any book"
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The perfect stocking filler this Christmas or something to scare your grandmother with. This is an anthology encompassing 15 years of Squib satire on the internet compiled and compressed into one tiddly book. Now Reduced to only £9.95

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