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Obama Objects to Migrants in His Martha’s Vineyard Backyard

MARTHA'S VINEYARD - USA - Not in my backyard, Obama and fellow champagne socialist residents deplore the shipping in of thousands of migrants.

To see champagne socialist virtue signallers who in theory invite entire populations of poor South Americans into the United States suddenly voice their displeasure as thousands of migrants are bussed into their exclusive neighbourhood of Martha’s Vineyard, is a hypocritical sight to behold.

One has to understand that diversity only works for champagne socialists when it is as far away from their place of residence as possible.

Obama once stated during his long presidency: “America is—and always has been—a nation of immigrants. Throughout our history, immigrants have come to our shores in wave after wave from every corner of the globe. Every one of us, unless we’re Native American, has an ancestor who was born somewhere else. That’s what makes America special. That’s what makes us strong. The basic idea of welcoming immigrants to our shores is central to our way of life. It is in our DNA.”

Funny how what Obama said, and how he really feels when a huge quantity of extremely poor and needy stinky migrants are shipped into his backyard by Florida governor Ron DeSantis, sums up the hypocrisy that bleeds from these virtue signallers. Diversity, is something that must be kept in areas of extreme poverty and deprivation, so it stays there. To ship in thousands of migrants into Martha’s Vineyard is a crime to the socialist Marxist champagne swillers who can afford immaculately manicured lawns, swimming pools, tennis courts and fleets of expensive cars.

May hypocrisy reign…

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