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Queen Coffin Queue: Britons Sure Love Their Queues

LONDON - England - There are now two massive queues to join the final massive queue to see the Queen's coffin.


According to the news, there is now a six-hour wait to join an eight-hour queue to join a final fourteen-hour queue to see the Queen’s casket lying at Westminster Hall.

Testament to British Order and Honour

“Queuing in an orderly fashion is actually a British pastime, a tradition that we uphold with pride,” one woman said as she stood in line in her soaked clothes.

Despite the fact that the Queen’s coffin is being displayed on all channels constantly and for the past two days broadcast all over the world, such is the dedication of the ordinary British citizens that they will endure anything to view her coffin up close.

“Us Brits, we’re a breed apart. For example, you can foist any indignity upon us, tax us to hell and back, take away everything we own, we will simply smile and have another cuppa. It’s all about that stiff upper lip, innit?” one man said in the 10-mile queue, before taking out his flask and pouring another cup of tea.

Perhaps it is testament to this Blitz Spirit that Britain has endured for so many centuries and just keeps going.

No doubt, Queen Lizzy is looking upon this queue mania from her fluffy cloud above and nodding her jewelled head with supreme appreciation to the peasants of the realm and their total devoted dedication to her dutiful reign.

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