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Men’s Fall Fashion 2022 | What to Wear & What to Avoid

NEW YORK - USA - Men's Fall fashion is ever-changing, here are some great tips to follow, so you don't get caught out in the cold.

As we move from summer to the colder months, our wardrobe should seamlessly follow suit. Even though the weather dictates warmer clothes, sartorial style can still be easy to follow during the fall.

The 2022 fall season for men is all about outdoor active, luxe fabrics, versatile layering, and cosy knits. To keep looking fresh this fall, read our guide on what to wear and what to avoid when the weather starts to cool.

What to wear

With shorter nights, cooler temperatures, and crisp days, fall is the perfect time to transition your wardrobe and create your look for the winter months ahead. The key trends of the 2022 fall season are focused on easy-wear pieces that will give the stylish man about town a cool edge. Here are the key fall 2022 looks that are a must for any man’s wardrobe.


Luxe fabrics embody the richness of the fall and there’s no better seasonal material than high-quality leather. The catwalks showcasing the 2022 fall season were awash with super-soft leather as well as vegan leather alternatives.

Taking centre stage, the classic leather jacket is set to be a key staple for fall 2022. Bring your wardrobe easily up to date with a beautifully cut leather bomber jacket that works with both casual styles and more formal tailoring. Or, add a vintage edge to your look with a retro-style biker jacket, brought into 2022 with a more sculpted fit.


Knitwear is synonymous with fall and winter. A versatile piece, it can be dressed up or down, layered, or worn as an over garment to create a cosy look all of your own. This fall, opt for finer knit polos or the classic roll neck, teamed with tailored chinos for an easy-wear smart-casual look. Or, channel cool geek style by teaming a sleeveless sweater vest with a long-sleeved shirt.

The blazer

men's fall fashionA strong look for spring/summer 2022, the blazer remains an investment piece for the new season, transformed into flattering tailored designs featuring rich and heavier fabrics. Think plaid, herringbone, tweed, and wool – there’s plenty of inspiration in Italist’s men’s designer sale.

Hot for the fall is the double-breasted blazer which adds sartorial chic to a pair of dark jeans or khakis. Or opt for the simple tailoring of a form-fitting single-breasted jacket, in a warm neutral colour that can be dressed up or down.

Go bold

As the brightness of summer fades into the muted shades of fall and winter, the 2022 wardrobe doesn’t need to follow suit. The trick to getting bold colour right during the cooler seasons is to opt for rich rather than the more garish shades. Jewel colours inspired by the fall, such as crimson, gold, purple and green, stand out as the shades to incorporate into your look.

For inspiration, opt for solid colour single pieces such as a peacoat or trench coat to make your outfit pop. You can also look for separates in statement patterns and graphic designs, paired with more muted grey, navy, or earthy tones.

What to avoid

The fall 2022 season for men features highly wearable pieces which can be tailored to suit any occasion. However, to achieve the look, there are some things you need to avoid.

Going sockless

A prevailing trend that was once again popular during spring and summer 2022, the fall is now the time to ditch the sockless look. Going sans socks gives an unconstructed feel to any outfit and has been a popular feature of the smart-casual style. But with the cooler weather, the time is now right to put away those ankles and reclaim your love for knitted sock wear.

Work from home slouchy

fall fashionWhile cooler weather can make you nostalgic for slouchy home working fashion, this fall the focus is on a more put-together look. This means those old, faded sweatpants and hoodies no longer make the sartorial cut.

Instead, focus on quality loungewear in luxe fabrics, smart sweatpants, premium knitwear, and relaxed tailoring for separates such as shirts, and jackets.

Oversized sneakers

A more streamlined look is in order for fall 2022, so swap out those ‘look at me’ oversized sneakers and opt for a sleeker silhouette. Court sneakers, as seen in Balmain’s FW 2022 collection, are the perfect balance of casual and confident footwear this fall.

Fast fashion

Investment pieces that are not only good to look at but are a joy to wear, more sustainable, and made to last are the staple of any fall season must-have list, which means replacing fast fashion with well-made, high-quality items to create the ultimate capsule wardrobe.

With the right ‘timeless’ pieces, you can make your investment last, taking you seamlessly from autumn into winter, and beyond.

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