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Harry: “Dad, I’m Home Plus Brought the Wife”

BUCKINGHAM PALACE - England - Harry and Meghan have returned to the UK much to the displeasure of the disconcerted royals.

News from the palace is that when Harry and his wife announced an impromptu trip back to Britain, many senior royals were about as happy about the news as receiving a swift kick to the lower regions.

For two years now, this odious couple have been attacking the Windsors for monetary gain, and many are seeing the terrible toll on the Queen’s health. Prince Philip was offed by the constant nefarious Meghan Markle and Harry media attacks, and now it seems they have set their sights on the poor Queen.

“She cannae tak’ no more, captain,” a Scottish doctor who looks after the Queen’s ticker whilst in Balmoral revealed on Sunday.

No doubt, Harry and Meghan will be followed everywhere with a Netflix crew in tow, and this UK trip is purely opportunistic.

Meghan further kicked the royals in a recent magazine interview, where the deluded power-mad narcissist likened herself to Nelson Mandela.

The muzzled royals cannot, due to royal protocol, answer back directly to the constant attacks from this poisonous couple, so naturally every day involves bracing for more horrible attacks on the family.

The ultimate question is, of course, if Harry and Meghan hate the royals so much, why are they still touting their own so-called royal status? Well, money is the reason for that question, obviously. Without the Sussex title, they would not get as many dollars selling their duplicitous wares to dumb American executives

Many in the UK and now even in the US. are baffled as to why Harry and Meghan are not stripped of their titles once and for all?

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