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Will War Bring Reality to Snowflake Generation?

SAN FRANCISCO - USA - What will happen to the snowflake generation if there is a global war?

When war comes, it is always the great equaliser, it brings urgency and vast doses of reality. Something the snowflake generations are alien to, and would not be able to cope with.

Where today’s Social Justice Warriors and assorted Sovietized woke virtue signallers all exist in a pseudo utopian twilight world of social media posts and organised campaigns on street corners, their work to disrupt and destroy Western culture as well as rewrite history would not be tolerated anymore. In fact, it would be a breath of fresh air if these people did not get the message in a time of war and continued their Marxist disruption, at least they would finally be all rounded up.

There would be no time for any micro-aggressions, LGBTQP parades, trans cabaret in primary schools, BLM ANTIFA looting riot festivals or metoo persecution of all men. There would no longer be any more forced socialist cultural mores onto the general public in a global war situation.

Instagram influencers and their fake lives would not be tolerated anymore, and the same would probably happen to the YouTube automatons who all spout the same mantras day in day out, peddling their moronic thoughts for views.

It is not yet known what would happen to the far-left media and Big Tech companies who have been funded and working with the enemies of the West for decades now? Either they will have to adjust their Confucius Society, Maoist stance undermining Western democracies from within or be deservedly dismantled. For too long, the Soviet globalist agenda has been integration with communist authoritarian ideology resulting in things like cancel culture, censorship of patriots, and turning elections.

Woke Hollywood would also be a candidate for reform, the studios have taken so much money from Western enemies like China that they have even been forced to change film scripts. Maybe, in a time of war, they may be forced to make pro-American, pro-Western films for a change.

If war materialises and the West is led by a Biden administration, then we will be the losers. We can only pray that a competent government somehow is given the reins, or Western nations are doomed to certain defeat and annihilation. Because America is under the current weak Biden administration, the West’s enemies are making bold moves right now and their plans for the near future are all encompassing.

Snowflakes could be forced to join the military in a time of war. This scenario is almost unimaginable, as there would not be any safe spaces from drill sergeants. If the US and UK bring in the compulsory draft during a time of global war, snowflakes from London to Los Angeles would be literally melting. Hail the new cannon fodder.

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