Summer Solstice at Stonehenge Live

WILTSHIRE - England - We are at Stonehenge again to see the sun celebrating the summer solstice.


Wow! We’re here at Stonehenge again this year. Thousands have descended on Wiltshire’s antediluvian world-famous stone circle for the Summer Solstice. For thousands of years, druids and pagans flocked to Stonehenge to perform ancient ritual human sacrifices and view the sunrise over the sacred stones on the longest day of the year.

These days, the original rituals are not honoured, but there were loads of people and tourists to see the sun rising today.

“Oh wow, the sun is rising. Oh my god!” one girl said.

“That’s incredible I just saw the sun,” a man said.

“No way! I don’t believe it. The sun!” another person gawked.

Come back at the Winter solstice for more sun and stones.