BREAKING: Meghan Markle Arrived in Britain in Full Disguise

LONDON - England - Meghan Markle, a most detested and disgraced former royal, arrived in full disguise at an undisclosed location yesterday.

meghan markle disguises return to uk

Meghan Markle, possibly not one of the most popular individuals, arrived in Britain yesterday but travelled in full disguise, one of her aides has disclosed.

“The Duchess of Sussex arrived yesterday at an undisclosed airport on a private jet. She was wearing a disguise because she knows full well how she is viewed by the British public. Due to security reasons, we cannot reveal what disguise Meghan was wearing during her short visit with Prince Harry,” Orrid Scoobie, the couple’s spokesperson, relayed to news media teams today.

Many fans have been speculating on online forums and social media. One Sussex detractor suggested she walks around in a “hunchback of Notre Dame” outfit, whilst someone on Twitter suggested she could be one of the evil sisters from Cinderella. Another person said that “Meghan has more balls than Harry” and could be “disguised as a man”.

If anyone sees an odd person hanging around the royals during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee who absolutely does not fit in, apart from Harry that is, then you just may have spotted Meghan in disguise.

What do you think will be the perfect disguise for Meghan Markle?