Assault Weapons: Biden Disarming Americans On China’s Orders

LONDON - England - Biden disarming Americans only plays into the hands of aggressive brutal countries like China.

china joe - beijing biden
Beijing Biden

One of the main reasons any nation is reticent in invading mainland America is that much of their population are armed. Take away the right to bear arms and an invasion of the Continental United States of America by a militant communist nation like China is a distinct possibility.

The Japanese only conducted an air assault on Pearl Harbor in 1941 because they knew that the American population were well armed and a land assault would be useless. Take away that factor, and the American mainland is ripe for the picking.

The Big Guy and his son Hunter Biden have been known in the past to collaborate with Chinese companies with CCP links. The many CCP affiliated bodies operating in the USA funded and aided Biden’s election win against the much hated American patriot Trump.

There is a distinct correlation between Biden’s initiative to ban certain types of weapons and his connections to the CCP where he receives much of his orders. When mentioning the CCP, this extends to many globalist industrialist conglomerates like Nike, who are under the direct control of the Chinese Communist Party operating through Washington, as well as the majority of Silicon Valley.

It works both ways, either Mr and Mrs America give up their guns or there is a Civil War. Both scenarios are equally a win, win situation for China, whose main objective is the complete eradication of the entire American population. Useful idiots like Joe Biden and his socialist administration do not want a strong American public, just as much as China does not.

Socialism is a direct pathway to communism and is rooted deeply in Marxist ideology. The Democrat party is practically begging China to move militarily, and disarming America is one step in that direction.

Hegelian Dialectic

The totalitarian tiptoe moves slowly but surely, they ban bits little by little, and the people do not notice until all of their freedoms have gone.

To capitulate to tyranny by stripping the Second Amendment, ordinary American citizens whose ancestors fought for these freedoms will have been completely eviscerated by the Democrat Party Marxists.

Dear freedom loving Americans, remember this as a lesson from the compliant sheeple of the UK who have already had their rights to defend themselves taken away. Once it’s gone — it’s gone forever and will never come back.