DAVOS: Increase in Mass Migration, Inflation Riots, Famine, Disease and War

EU BORDER - Germany - Many across the globe cannot feed themselves or their families. According to the WFP, things are going to get a lot worse in the coming months.

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The future’s so bright I gotta wear shades, or the future’s so shit I gotta wear a crash helmet. Things were turning bad even before the Ukraine crisis, where the augurs were not pleasant in any way. We are now reaching a point that will see the worst humanitarian crisis since World War II.

mass migration eu greeceTake the morsels of food from the hungry to feed the starving, the overpopulated Third World and Developing nations will see many people fleeing in their millions thinking things are better in the West. It is only a short journey from North Africa into Spain or Italy, or Mexico to the United States. When people are desperate, they will do anything to feed their families, and if that means enduring a short crossing to the food haven of Europe, they will come in their millions.

Global food prices have far surpassed those of the Arab Spring riots in 2011, and as Sri Lanka sinks into the mire of mass civil unrest, so too will Pakistan, Indonesia, Peru, Egypt, Congo and others.

It is only a matter of time, in six months from now when the tipping point occurs in many countries struggling with feeding their population already.

Europe will see another caravan of refugees pleading to be fed crossing their porous borders. What is the EU going to do, turn them away? If the EU caves and admits the millions of migrants, then the EU will eventually collapse itself.

There is a reason that China has been stockpiling 60% of the globe’s food resources for the past few years. The Chinese knew what was planned all along. The CCP also know that Western sanctions will not affect them when they give the Taiwan invasion a green light.

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If you have not prepped for the future, you are not only irresponsible, but do not care for your own family, your children, your babies. The time for prepping has passed because now not only are there huge inflationary pressures on commodity prices but serious supply problems regarding certain perishable foods. Every family should have at least two or three years worth of food because society and the marketplace will eventually deteriorate to a point of no return.

We are seeing stock markets falling daily across the globe right now, with the NASDAQ and S&P leading the way down. All those Big Tech dictatorial totalitarian miniature Hitlers will see their stock value fall back into the sewer of inequity. There will be no multi-million dollar retirements anymore for these tech Marxists as they see their net worth go to zero. Can you eat Facebook shares worth a few pennies? Will those Alphabet shares at 12 cents buy a Porsche?