Meghan Markle Ordered Her Own Dad to Cut Out His Other Kids

LOS ANGELES - USA - According to Thomas Markle, Meghan ordered him to cut ties with his other children.

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Control freak narcissist Meghan Markle may have the ability to surgically remove entire nations of people, families, or individuals from her immediate environs, however for less psychopathic people it’s a little harder, simply because some people actually feel real and not pretend emotions. According to the poor ailing father of Meghan, Thomas, she ordered him to stop talking to his own children and cut them out from his life. What kind of monster would ask a father to abandon their own kids? Welcome to the horrid cold calculating world of schizoid Meghan, an entity that has no conscience or soul, whose only ambition is to acquire immense power and money at all costs.

Analyst, Dr. Cole Matthausen, revealed the intricacies of psychopathic narcissistic individuals who operate within human society.

“These individuals pretend to care, they pretend to be benevolent, they hide much like a chameleon or stick insect in plain sight and appear to blend in, however they are cold calculating predators. It is well known that Markle planned her entrance into the British royal family with intricate detail, she also studied her mark for years before finding the right time to strike. Much like a mamba, she waited for Harry to be between girlfriends, before striking with pristine accuracy. Modelling her character on the late Princess Diana, Meghan immediately became the lost mother figure to poor Harry, the eternal lost boy was seeking. He could not find the right replacement after Diana’s untimely death, even though Her Majesty, the Queen tried for so many years to be Harry’s maternal plug, there was just something missing, and Meghan plugged that hole mostly with sex and saying the right things at the right time. We must always remember that psychopaths do not feel like humans, they can only imitate or try to pretend to feel, and in this respect, they are able to see weaknesses in their targets to exploit with greater ease than real humans. Some people can however see through the workings of these ultimate calculated manipulators, and Prince William tried to warn his naive brother, but by then it was all too late. Harry was lost, and one can only feel sorry for this poor boy, who has in essence become the pet of something that essentially is using him and his royal ties for personal profit as well as attempting to climb the social ladder of American power play celebrity.

“There is no conscience to their actions, and however terrible they may be, not a flicker of real emotion or a sleepless night for these creatures. This is why Meghan asked her father to ignore/cut out his other children without even considering the feelings of her own dad, simply because someone like Meghan does not have the capacity for real emotions, only lies and falsity. If however, Meghan was not a narcissistic schizoid psychopath, she would not have even dared to ask her father Thomas to get rid of his other children. If you have normal feelings, you would not dare to even consider asking such a sordid evil thing from a father, but Meghan did, and without an ounce of remorse.”