Elon Musk Tesla Space Pizza X Delivery Company Ready by 2024

ALPHA CENTAURI - Elon Musk, will launch the galaxy's first ever Space Pizza X delivery company by the year, 2024.

pizza X elon musk tesla

Imagine orbiting earth enjoying the magnificent view of our planet, marvelling at the magnificence of it all, yet something is missing. Yes, a piping hot pepperoni pizza, with black olives, and mushrooms, baked on a thin crispy base, all delivered to your space destination piping hot, ready to eat.

Pizza X

Well, enter Elon Musk, the billionaire entrepreneur who knows exactly what you want, and what you need. Tesla Space Pizza X will be delivered to space tourists and astronauts all around the known galaxy by the year 2024.

“If I can order a pizza on earth, why not in space or on another planet?” Musk revealed on Tuesday, during the presentation for the new project.

The ambitious endeavour will rely on mini rocket ships that will launch from earth initially, but later on from moon bases, as well as dedicated pizza stations located over the earth’s orbit.

Piloted by specialist Space Pizza X delivery astronauts, each craft will travel at hypersonic speeds to deliver their pizzas to the customer piping hot.

“If we don’t get the pizza to your celestial destination in under 12 days, then you get your money back, and a free garlic bread,” Musk added.

Currently, the cost of Space Pizza X delivery may be prohibitive to many at $640,000 per pizza, but Musk is only targeting the high-end market. Eventually, when the non-billionaires get to fly in space too, costs will go down.