UK Was Ordered by EU to Back Down on Syria War

BRUSSELS - Belgium - The UK's impotence as an individual sovereign nation has been revealed by its minimal standing regarding the proposed Syrian war.

Britain is now a third rate nation where everything is dictated by Brussels, therefore David Cameron’s weak posturing over the Syrian attack is a surefire indication that the former British nation is now fully assimilated within the Soviet EU collective.


“Resistance is futile to the collective of the EU. Britain’s armies, navy, parliament and judicial system has now been totally assimilated into the EU collective and this is why it was quite hilarious to see the man who sold Britain further down the road into EU slavery posturing wildly as if he had any say in his actions. Cameron is a good actor, and he is well suited to dress rehearsals but he has no say in anything anymore and holds a wilting sword of Brittania up into the dark skies of totalitarian EU dictatorship,” Jim Kirk, a political commentator revealed on BBC’s Newsnight.