US: “Those Surrender Limeys Won’t Join Us in a Cluster Sandwich”

WASHINGTON D.C - USA - The Americans say the Brits are shameful surrender limeys for not starting World War III in the Middle East.

“Those goddamn surrender limeys would rather sip their butt warm beer than get sucked into all out war with Russia. Instead we gotta side with the frogs who are a real bunch of goddamn lilly livered surrender monkeys and wouldn’t even fight for their own country in World War II. Well I guess they got something to prove now huh,” Tex Mulrone, a staunch steak eating, tobacco munching American said before spitting some yellowy red stuff into a spittoon.

As John Kerry prepares to send the Swift boats into the Mediterranean, President Obama doesn’t realise that what he is doing is being set up for a big fall.

“A few bombs and missiles will not achieve anything apart from waste a lot of U.S. taxpayer money and kill a few more Syrian civilians here or there. By now the Syrian elite and armed forces have prepared for an attack and dug in. The only people who are going to get hit are the suffering Syrian people. And with debt liabilities amounting to over $70 Trillion can the U.S. afford to be sucked into another expensive useless war? The only way to clear Syria out is by boots on the ground, and that’s what the U.S. is going to have to do. They’re using the same strategy they used with Iraq, first bomb, then dump troops into an unwinnable quagmire. Iraq is still a lawless no man’s land right now. The Americans cannot even get out of their limited bases just like in Afghanistan. As for the Russians, they have their people on Syrian ground, if they get hit, then do you think they’re going to sit back and take it?” strategic analyst, Henry Arnold, told CNN.

Obama is not a military man and knows little about strategy or world affairs, he is putting the world into serious danger with his naive policies, and Russia is playing with Obama like a bear plays with a fresh river trout before eating it.