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If This Was Blair We’d Be at War by Now

LONDON - England - If Tony Blair was still Prime Minister of Britain today, the UK would be flattening Syria right now with some serious carpet bombing, so what went wrong?

“Well, the main problem was Cammo. He just didn’t convince them well enough. If it was Blair, he would have just gone ahead with it. I mean look at Dr. Kelly, that guy was causing all sorts of shit. Next thing we know, we find him in a wooded area with mysterious puncture marks in his wrists. The other major problem at the moment is Obummer. Well, he’s a big flip flopper and a wimp, therefore he is definitely no cowboy Dubya type with a Cheney round his neck, is he?” a Westminster insider divulged.

Syria is the next stepping stone to get to Iran and the Allies need this one bad. Once they get Syria, then Iran will complete the mission for the next stage.

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