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“We’re Bringing Obamacare to Syria”

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - President Obama says that the Syrians urgently need some Obamacare.

“You see that stealth bomber over there on the deck, well that ain’t no ordinary kinda stealth bomber, it’s an Obamacare stealth bomber and it’s gonna bring some Obamacare to them Syrian people through indiscriminate bombs and missiles,” a U.S. Navy officer on the USS Obamacare, revealed today.

Obama worshippers across America were seen wildly waving their banners and flags in the air on Wednesday as they cheered on their leader blindly and without question.

“Ima tell you I’m so happy for the Syrian people as those bombs hit Ima gon be at home wit ma popcorn and an Obama sign waving it at the TV. God Bless America and Obama!” Julie Sweethorn, a Missouri mother of fourteen on welfare told CBS.

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