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Martin Luther King: “I Had a Dream”

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Celebrating the famous speech by Martin Luther King Jr, has the African American dream come true?

“Things moved on good for us. We got an African president, we dunno if he’s American though, but still he’s black,” Kleavon Johnsons, a community youth worker from Chicago told CNN yesterday.

Martin Luther King, had a dream, he inspired a revolution with some Americans during the civil rights movement in the 1960s that quashed the state’s overt racist agenda, however all that he did has been lost in time as the black people of America are now covertly being subdued and their own actions and culture are not helping things either.

Senior analyst at Washington D.C’s Population Matrix think tank reveals some very telling truths: “What MLK did was to flick a switch from overt racism to covert racism. We now have quotas to put black people in jobs and universities whether they are qualified or not. Some say Obama is himself part of the affirmative action project, but he is part white, so there are other variables working with that one, I suspect if he was fully black he would never have got a look in. Most African Americans today are either in prison or living in ghettos, the ones that do escape through affirmative action are the chosen few. The celebrated thugs, the hoodies, the EBT card holders, the rappers and their hoes, the crack, the low slung pants, the prisons, the liquor stores, the flash mob robberies, the incessant violence, the ebonics, and social unrest are all entrenched in poverty of class and mind. American cities have been flooded with fatherless kids all milling around, bored out of their uneducated minds leaving destitution and carnage in their wake. Why do you think there is white flight when a neighbourhood becomes black? The answer is in the fact that Martin Luther King’s dream never happened and by the looks of it will never happen.”

Since 2001, 8,000 American soldiers have lost their lives in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. In the same time period, over 190,000 African Americans have lost their lives on the streets of America usually with black on black shootings and gang related violence. This is tribal warfare, pure and simple.

One would have thought that president Obama would have been a champion of the African American people. Instead his tenure has seen more racial unrest, more African American poverty, more Obama sanctioned abortions and more overt hatred.


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