Are You Looking Forward to a Woke Dystopian Future Dictatorship?

CALIFORNIA - USA - The way things are going currently, a Woke dystopian dictatorship will be the future for many.

woke dictatorship

The future looks so great, you have to wear shades, shades so dark that you can’t see anything out of them. This is why the Woke dictatorship of the future will make anything Orwell dreamed up look like a picnic party on the dales.

The future will be Woke because no one is even trying to stop the creeps creeping into every facet of human life and culture. No government is standing up to Big Tech, or the conglomerate companies adopting Woke attitudes of cultural Marxism upon the population.

What will the future Woke Dictatorship look like?

Much of history will either be erased, or rewritten to suit Woke Marxist ideology. Libraries will not exist with real books because anything printed is not digital and cannot be changed by Woke censors, therefore they will be deemed subversive and summarily destroyed — incinerated.

Linguistically, all language will be poorer as Woke censors whittle down entire dictionaries of words labelled as counter-productive to Woke Marxist ideology. Picture Orwell’s Ministry of Truth, but a thousand times worse.

Anyone caught reading a book will be arrested and detained as a terrorist of the state.

Children in households will only be taught Eco/trans/lgbtqp/anti-male feminist/race Woke ideology from 6 months on, and will be rewarded by the state if they report anyone, including their own parents or siblings, for flouting any form of Woke puritanical law.

wokis woke dictatorship gulag

The term ‘Hate Speech’ will be used daily to arrest and incarcerate anyone that the state pleases to arrest, and definitions for ‘Hate Speech’ will change weekly, so for one week, one term may be legal to use, but the next, if anyone uses that word or term, they will be arrested, never to be seen again.

Fact-checkers appointed by the Woke state will have an all encompassing power to have any form of information altered and changed, or have it labelled as subversive ‘fake news’ even if it is thoroughly factual and true. The truth will thus be something that is completely controlled by the state, irrespective of its factual value.

Woke society will be one of citizen ratings, where citizens will be judged by their actions or Thoughtcrimes, and either punished or rewarded commensurate to their life choices. Anyone with a negative rating of any sort will be denied a multitude of things, they will not be able to shop at certain stores, be denied education, insurance, medical help and travel.

Woke citizen shaming will also be a major form of entertainment for the ‘good woke citizens’ much-like the Medieval stocks, public shaming will ensure eventual compliance and prove as a lesson to observing woke citizens of what can go wrong if you show any form of individual thought or err from the path of Wokism in any way.

Individual thought and any opposing view of Wokism will be dealt with extreme prejudice and may involve the violator being interred into a Woke Gulag for Re-education, or if their crime is so expansive, they will be made to disappear completely.