Hostile State EU Attacks UK With Daily Threats

LONDON - England - Britain is being attacked daily by an increasingly hostile state of the EU. The vindictive attacks are all because we left.

Britain has been here many times over the centuries, and looks like the country is once again being attacked from the Continent. It used to be Spanish Armadas, Napoleonic armies, and a good smattering of Nazis, but now, under the auspices of the all-encompassing hostile state EU, it’s all of the fuckers as one, out to get Blighty.

Hostile State

“It’s not just the Frogs or Jerries any more, now they’ve all ganged up as one Reich, or one Soviet EU state if you will. The EU is now building a massive army, and they’re vindictive bastards as well. Imagine the walking haemorrhoid Verhofstadt along with the other little Hitlers all beating up anti-British sentiment in their backrooms? Forget about the Doodlebugs over London, we’ve now got the tubs of hummus off our shelves in Tesco as the bastards blockade our fucking vittles,” a man standing at a bus stop at Waterloo Station exclaimed to no one in particular.

Indeed, Hitler would have been extremely proud of the EU in certain respects, removing the racial part of the equation of course. Here is a state that managed to conquer the entirety of the European Continental nations in one fell swoop, without even a single shot being fired. The Daily Squib has always presented a view that the EU is the Third Reich backwards.

Britain has always been treated despicably by the EU, and we saw the signs prior to Brexit, as we saw the warnings in the 1930s as well, making us distance ourselves from the shenanigans of Continental Europe.

The EU is a sinister beast, something most of us Brits are sincerely afraid of, and their neo-Fascist Soviet state building exercise is something to run away from with extreme haste, however the unfortunate thing is we have to still trade with these fuckers somehow, and that is the crux of the matter. Geographically, the hostile EU is our closest trading partner, but they’re headed by a bunch of anti-competitive protectionist cunts who are vindictive little Hitlers who want to punish the UK for leaving the EU. So, who wins in this war?

We’ll have to get our produce from somewhere else then, and until the EU learns some humility and decency respecting our right to our sovereignty, maybe things will change, but it is certainly doubtful.

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