Vindictive Bully EU : “Ve Vill Haff Your Vaccine Doses!”

BRUSSELS - Belgium - Unelected EU president, Ursula von der Leyen has demonstrated what happens to countries that leave the EU. They are punished.

Call it what you want, but bullying is bullying and the EU is well versed in it. This time, because they’ve fucked up their own vaccine program for Covid, they are attempting to seize Britain’s vaccines, which have already been ordered many months ago.

All your vaccine are belong to us!

“First come first served? Vat iss das? NEIN! Ze Astra Zeneca vaccine vill now be diverted to EU. You Englisher Schweinhund need to be punished for escaping the EU. Halt! Who goes there? Your papers are not in order!” unelected EU Dictator, Ursula von der Leyen emphatically proclaimed on Friday.

During an impromptu EU press conference, the EU president then took out a needle and vial.

“You commen zie hier! I vill administer ze serum for you right now! Guards! Get him!”

Plunging the large hypodermic needle into the terrified man’s arse cheek, the EU president leaves the needle in and walks back to the podium pointing at the man.

“You are now cured of coronavirus. You can danke me later sie! Now take him avay!

“EU comrades, zat vaccine vas commandeered zis very morgan by our EU Stasi troops. Ve surrounded ze AstraZeneca factory unt liberated ze vaccine for ein volk!

“Let zis be ein lessonnen to zie Britisher, or any vun who leaves ze EU, ve vill punish you!”