Jezebel Reincarnated Kamala Harris Deceives Whole Nation

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Kamala Harris as the rebirth of Jezebel sits true with many Americans, as she embarks on her evil plan.

kamala-harris JEZEBEL

She may promise paradise for the masses but will only bring doom and destruction, if ever the Devil was born without a pair of horns, it is you Jezebel, Kamala Harris the reborn depiction of a biblical evil incarnate termagant who will bring ruin upon America by leading it down the wrong path, is only now just beginning her great work.

Religious hocus-pocus is believed by millions of Americans and the spirit of Jezebel is exemplified by the falsely appointed Kamala Harris. This fallen woman is a cactus, a harridan beast who will promise the earth to all Americans, her forked tongue will entice the easily deceived youth to follow her evil ways, to transgress from the path of peace, to embrace the violent activism that only brings poverty and death.

Yes, she worships Baal and Asherah, and everything is enforced by the great “Lord of the Flies” Baʿal Zebub. Those who worship Yahweh will be thrust aside, persecuted and demonised. Your websites will be vanquished, cancelled, deplatformed, and your sanctuaries of thought purged, your churches locked down, your means to defend yourselves with guns taken from your cold hands. Jezebel will come with smiles, she will be alluring in her rhetoric, especially when she plunges the dagger into those Americans she deems as deplorable.

Never underestimate this calculating creature, as Jezebel will dodge any attempts to dethrone her status, even though she stole her crown in the first place.

Jezebel will bring war, pestilence, and poverty to America, and she will enjoy every moment of her Great Reset plan, rest be assured.