Shameful Misandrists Hijack Death of Sarah Everard

LONDON - England - The tragic death of Sarah Everard has been hijacked by misandrists, anti-male Marxist political groups intent on punishing all men.

Green Party peer Baroness Jones


All men are not women murderers and rapists but looking at the crowd of misandrists who have hijacked the vigil of Sarah Everard, the woman murdered by a policeman, it is very clear that this tragedy has been politicized by the men haters.

The drive against ‘toxic masculinity’ is a Marxist driven political movement to emasculate all men, a form of cultural castration where men’s natural biology of testosterone is seen as dangerous.

With the likes of Green Party peer Baroness Jones jumping on the misandry band-wagon advising that all men adhere to a 6pm curfew at night for safety’s sake there is a certain sense that lumping all men with a single anomaly is perfectly acceptable.

“These deranged Marxists will attempt to hijack and use any event they can to bring in their totalitarian communist ideologies. It is the same thing with BLM, where one black person dies at the hands of a white policeman, their vengeance turns to all white people, of course ignoring the multitude of black people killed by other blacks. The hypocrisy comes strong and thick with these new communist Bolshevik activists and their nefarious agenda,” one commentator revealed.

The worst part of all is this of course that the tragic death of Sarah Everard has been overshadowed by the misandrists and their commie brigades parading their shitty Marxist man-hating slogans around social media all for their selfish agenda and not for that poor woman who lost her life. Sarah Everard is now secondary to the misandrists and their hateful agenda to enslave and emasculate all men.