The Word ‘N-Word’ Should be Banned Say Censors

LOS ANGELES - USA - The well-used word 'N-Word' should be banned immediately say fact-checking censors who control all discourse on the internet.

roman n-word
The Roman Empire was one of the greatest civilisations in history to ever exist

The word ‘N-Word’ is racist and should be banned immediately say far-left censors who control the media. Some are even calling for the banning and deletion of the letter N from the English alphabet altogether as it now completely implies a certain Latin word for ‘black’. Another far left-wing group are calling for the ban of the Latin language completely, as it is deemed dangerous and divisively ‘racist’.

“The phrase ‘N-Word’ is racist through and through, because it refers directly to a very bad word derived from Latin that simply and innocently describes the colour black. In our closed communistic, intolerant tyrannical echo-chamber Marxist totalitarian dictatorship, we cannot have words describing a colour, because we’re niggly about things like that. We are also looking at the Spanish word for black, this is utterly racist, and we are considering putting the Spanish language as a whole on the black list as well,” Julian Soylatte, official fact-checker controller for all social media screamed on his Twitter censor page.

It’s not only the ‘N-Word’ phrase that is getting banned, but any image or mention of a monkey on the internet will also be banned by next week. What’s wrong with monkeys you might ask? This we cannot dare to address on here, but as an innocent animal that exists in the animal kingdom amongst many animals, there should be no mention of these things that swing in trees and are rather partial to bananas.

“Bananas are racist too, because they infer they are eaten by monkeys, so we will look into banning bananas as well,” Soylatte added.

Where will all this niggardly penurious virtue signalling censorious Marxist nonsense end?