If Your Vote Doesn’t Count Any More – Vote With Your Feet

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - The bullies took away your vote, took away your voice -- you can vote with your feet.

vote with your feet

If every disenfranchised citizen enacted this plan, then the big bullies would sit up. That’s what they are — bullies. They bully people with mass censorship, with taking away your right to vote in an election, take away your voice, and they bully you through discrimination, calling people despicable or deplorable just because those people believe in something other than Marxism. They bully you with their beliefs which are always right in their minds as they shove that shit down your throat every fucking day.

Bullies, especially greedy ones only respond to you taking their goodies away, and in this case that’s money. Take away their money, and they may start to change their bullying ways although this is very highly unlikely, it will just slow them down a little, but that’s good enough.

Just don’t shop there, don’t give a cent or penny to ‘Woke’ businesses, boycott all Big Tech products, delete your accounts at bully boy totalitarian social media companies, don’t use certain search engines, never buy anything or watch anything from so-called artists/actors/comedians who express their leftist Woke opinions, or virtue signal in public.

There is a wealth of stuff you can indulge your brain in which predates much of the Woke nonsense being pushed down your throat these days. Where the cunts cancel, you can indulge in a wealth of knowledge that they will not dare look at any more.

With just a little level of organisation one can easily extricate themselves from today’s push to indoctrinate people with Woke Marxist Sovietized effluent farted from the brainwashed rectums of bullying celebrities/government officials and conglomerates taking their orders from Communist China.

Do not go to their cinemas, do not go to their websites, do not buy their products, do not give them views or listens, do not buy their books/dvd/movies, do not join their parties, do not vote in rigged elections, do not watch their news services, do not even acknowledge their existence, if you can, do not pay their taxes because they do not represent you.

If every disenfranchised person did this, and the numbers of these humans is certainly large, then the bullying cunts would surely notice. Maybe they might get some semblance of a message, although this is highly debatable with the level of Woke brainwashing currently around.

Worth a try though, give it a go, if you have any integrity and a modicum of self-respect left. Do it!