Eight Days to Save the Republic

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - This is an emergency Broadcast! There are only eight days left to save the Republic.

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The Democrat Party under Joe Biden and Kamala Harris is associated with riots, looting, arson, China, communism, Marxism and corruption

Time waits for no one, and cowardice lasts forever in the history books. There are now eight days to save the Republic, and America from China. Once those eight days are over, all will be lost, and it will be too late to do anything because Biden and his Marxist comrades will have command of the military and all the agencies to not only hunt down every Trump supporter but to open the doors further for the CCP (Chinese Communist Party).


Treachery and treason against the American constitution are now commended by the Democrat Party, which has abandoned traditional liberal qualities to embrace a far-left communist political stance.

The Democrats want to inflict as much pain as they can on half of America’s population, and they will enjoy inflicting this pain, they will love it, as their psychosis increases in level daily. The ‘deplorables’ will be hunted down one by one if need be, and they will have their former rights violated, they will have their firearms seized, they will be fired from their businesses, they will have everything taken from them to punish them for four years of Trump rule.

Groups like ANTIFA and BLM will be elevated by Biden’s White House, they will be given the keys to any city they want, in any state, and they will be unleashed on to any population centre to spread their nihilistic messages of hate and reverse-racism. They want to push their Marxist programming down your throats, and if you do not receive them well then you will be in the wrong, and you will be punished severely, supported of course by the Biden administration.

Conservatives have already been nearly completely purged from the internet and airways, but this is just the beginning, the churches will be the next target, they will be closed down forcibly, because they know that American patriots believe in god, and it sustains their message. They want to remove that completely so patriots, Christians will have nowhere to go any more. They will utilise the virus pandemic lockdowns for this purpose, as a ruse, but eventually it will become permanent.

America’s guns will be confiscated through ‘mandatory buyback’ schemes, and if you refuse, you go to jail, it’s as simple as that. Once you go to jail, they take your guns anyway. Again, the virus lockdown system will be used to take away private arms from every citizen.

No mercy for ‘deplorables’

Biden will not hesitate to invoke the Insurrection Act to use America’s military against Trump supporters and anyone seen as a direct threat to the CCP controlled Democrat Party. The final irony of the situation will be that Biden will use something that Trump chickened out of doing. By not committing to the Insurrection Act, Trump will be responsible for millions of Americans being deemed as terrorists, defined by the Biden administration. Trump now has eight days to save America, or forever lose everything.

As soon as Biden shoehorns himself into the position of presidency he will give trillions of dollars to Democrat run states, so they can spend it on profligate socialist pet projects that do not benefit anything. The money printing will escalate to such a level that the U.S. Dollar will eventually not be worth the paper it’s printed on. Hyperinflation will make daily goods unaffordable to most Americans, and combined with mandatory lockdowns, not only will businesses all go under, but people will starve in their own homes. You will not have a choice any more, especially as food banks run out of money, and the farmers all go bankrupt thanks to Biden’s anti-farmer policies.

Unless something is done in the next eight days, America will become China’s fuckbuddy, might as well get Uncle Sam to bend over and get fucked up the ass by a Chinese commie dick.

There will be nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, as Biden and Harris’ China controlled men come to de-Americanize you.

Eight days folks, that is all there is to it. Either Trump steps up to the plate, or all will be lost forever.


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