Heroic Postal Worker Doubles Down After Agents Try to Coerce Him to Backdown

ERIE - USA - A postal worker who witnessed backdating of postal ballots is recorded being intimidated by special agents to change his story or recieve serious consequences.

postal worker intimidation

Contrary to false reports in mainstream U.S. media, the postal worker who witnessed late postal votes being backdated did not recant his story. Many of the so-called media outlets who purport to be run by journalists are actually spreading false information to protect the Democrat Party who are now embroiled in a serious case of vote fraud, and electoral rigging scandals. These people are not journalists because they have no integrity or desire to report the news, they should only be described as agents implanted into news agencies working solely for the Democrat Party and its socialist agenda. Even Jeff Bezos does not want anything to do with CNN any more as it is tainted goods. CNN has been passed over by Bezos, after it was touted around the circuit by AT&T, even though they keep dropping the price of sale, no one wants that piece of tainted shit, run to the ground by socialist Marxist Woke activists posing as journalists.


“I am not scaring you. But, I am scaring you!”

The agents in the video are clearly using NLP (neuro linguistic programming) coercive techniques to dissuade the poor postal worker from going ahead with his story. These are well-known linguistic techniques utilised by intelligence agents to implant through trauma based intimidation thoughts into the mind of the victim or mark. The use of double negatives, or mixing a positive with a negative to confuse and intimidate the mark, as well as employing repetitive phrases was learned from the KGB during the Soviet era and adopted by the CIA/FBI later on.

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