No Retreat No Surrender

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - No retreat, no surrender! Those are the words uttered by real American patriots, and not by deceitful flag burning socialist Democrat supporters.

We love crappy 80s movies here at the Squib, and now is the time to stand on your own, there’s no retreat, no surrender.

The film No Retreat No Surrender from 1986 was so badly acted that it became in itself a cult classic, but there was an inspirational Rocky style feel to the movie. As always it was a film about the underdog, and how they somehow persevered through thick and thin to pull through and defeat not only their own fears but negative external threats bearing down on them.

That same spirit of never, ever giving up should lie right now with those people who believe in transparency in an election, who believe in fairness, who believe in counting only legal votes.

People who cheat to vote are not true Americans, they do not care about their country or their people. The same goes for news organisations that gloss over the truth and claim to be the voice of the people when they are clearly not.

Fight friends, never give up, never stop the push forward to victory, and as the enemy has shown no mercy to you, if the fight is just, they shall be vanquished by their own treachery.

The truth always has a way of coming out into the open, and whatever the odds, if people work hard enough for what is right, they can move mountains.

It is truly intriguing that even though half of the nation is pissed off, they are not rioting and looting like the animals on the other side of the political spectrum, who would be rioting and looting right now if they were in the same position.

N.B. The Daily Squib does NOT subscribe to any political party, and does not belong in any way or fashion to any huma-constructed political ideologies left or right or centre. The Daily Squib is a mere mirror of any activity that is occurring in the world at any and all times, and views any scenario in an objective manner only seeing the right or wrong of any situation. The Daily Squib abhors totalitarianism and censorship from any political ideology, and we fight for the preservation of democracy/freedom of expression/speech in the West.