Too Late Cameron Unfettered Immigration Cat Already Out of Bag

LONDON - England - If anyone wants to see what Britain will be like in less than five years watch 'Children of Men' and you will see that fiction has become reality.

As the panicking PM tries to make a few gestures about the massive immigration movement into the UK, he is already at a loss because they are all already here.

“Ever since the Labour government’s unfettered open door policy into the UK which began in 1994, there has been an influx of over 20 million immigrants, the majority from the Third World and former Soviet bloc, clogging up the welfare system, using the NHS and overcrowding schools. They create a huge burden on the already heaving housing sector and the roads are full with their beaten up uninsured vehicles as they ignore Britain’s road rules. Regular road laws do not apply to cars registered in other parts of the EU, and these cars cannot be fined,” an anonymous Briton told a London radio station today.

What Labour did to the indigenous population was to change it forever. They have fractured whole communities, displaced families and locked out Britons from their own birth right. They have destroyed Britain from the inside and have possibly killed off the welfare state that they themselves created in post war Britain in the 1940s. The NHS is buckling because of Labour, and in December 2013 when restrictions are lifted for 29 million Romanians and Bulgarian to live in the UK, the final bell will toll for the National Health Service as it will go under with the weight of the EU influx.

“What the Labour government did is unforgivable, almost treasonous. The suffering they have created will be felt for generations to come as our children and our grandchildren will bear the brunt of what the Labour government did. No one should ever forget that. Even if you are a staunch socialist, you will not have an NHS soon because of the supposedly caring Labour government. You are lucky now to get a GP appointment let alone a hip operation. Pensioners are treated as cattle to starve in wards and to sleep in their own faeces and urine. You can thank Tony Blair and Gordon Brown for all of this misery. They spent every penny that Britain had on their useless pet projects and useless wars that achieved nothing but lined the pockets of the crony nanny state workers and unions. As for Ed Miliband and Ed Balls, they will do worse things if they ever come into power,” Geoffrey Tumble, a civil servant from Nottingham told the BBC before being cut off.

David Cameron is trying to look like he’s doing something about the massive immigration assault onto this small island with not much space or resources but is is already too late. Ordinary citizens are seeing their quality of life drop to poverty levels, they are seeing essential services cut, they are seeing the cost of living rise to impossible levels and they are seeing their beloved country being reduced to a smouldering wreck with no way out.

“There’s nothing anyone can do now because the people they let in were not professional, educated people, they did not want jobs, they let in the lowest common denominator.These people are now breeding inside the UK and their numbers are growing daily. There were no checks like there are in Australia, where you have to have job lined up already and a profession, there was nothing. These people were given housing, medical health care and free reign in the overcrowded school system where the teachers spend more time trying to communicate with hand gestures than teach kids a curriculum. Britain has received some of the poorest people in the world whilst the professionals, scientists, educators and brains have left for sunnier climes. Do you blame them? Britain has suffered a massive brain drain as the educated have left these shores, and Labour let in the scrapings from the bottom of the barrel, probably because they thought these people would be their core voters in a general election,” a councillor from a non-Labour run council said yesterday.