Labour Sends BBC Rottweiler After Boris

LONDON - England - The BBC's resident rottweiler Eddie Mair took a few chunks out of Boris Johnson's leg yesterday. The thing is who set up the grotesque show of ad hominem attacks on the London Mayor? Was it Labour or Cameron?

As an attack, it was very well orchestrated and deadly with an added theatrical effect that had audiences gripped with anticipation.

Sunday ambush

“To see old Boris Johnson squirming like a mangy dog on the sofa was thouroughly unpleasant to watch, that is unless you are a Labour-ite socialist oik,” a friend of Boris told the Telegraph last night.

The BBC, naturally a champion of Labour’s manifesto, showed its audiences what it thinks of the Tories, but what if a Tory was actually behind the kicking of Boris?

“No doubt this has the paw prints of the Cameron corner all over it. It was a fresh gutting there on the sofa of a fellow Bullingdon boy, but it may have backfired because it seems that Boris is even more likeable now and a serious contender to the Conservative throne.” a Tory insider revealed.