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Boris Johnson Telephones Darius Guppy Again

LONDON - England - After that fateful interview with the BBC's Eddie Mair on Sunday, it has been reported that Boris Johnson was immediately on the phone to his trusty pal, Darius Guppy.

According to BBC studio workers who overheard Boris Johnson on the phone after the interview on Sunday, someone’s going to pay a heavy price for those questions.

After the fateful Sunday interview, Mr Johnson did not waste any time getting on the phone to his old friend Guppy and revealing the home address of Eddie Mair, the BBC interviewer who gave Bo Jo such a bloody hard time.

“I want you to get the boys with their knuckle dusters and cricket bats to break both of his legs, some ribs and give the rude little oik who doesn’t know his place a darn good thrashing. Don’t forget to kick him in the knackers as well for good effect,” Boris was overheard telling his pal on the phone just after leaving the studio.

If I was you Eddie Mair I’d be careful walking down your road because the London Mayor has your address.

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