Summer Coming in 2018 Say Experts

LONDON - England - Summer is almost upon us, only a few more years till we get it, say weather experts.

There was more good news today from the Met office on the weather situation as it transpires that we’re going to get a British summer in 2018.

Speaking from London’s Weather Centre, Dr. Fitzgerald Sapmelch said: “Our calculations predict three days of sunshine some time in 2018. It will probably be in August or September if we’re lucky. Expect temperatures as high as 16 degrees celcius for about three or four days.”

On hearing of the wonderful news on all media, people were said to be ecstatic and already planning what they are going to do on those three days of sunshine.

“I can’t wait to see the sun for a few days. I think I’ll just get a deck chair in my garden and sit there and look at the sun with a drink in my hand. I shall look up at the sky and stand there in awe as the sun’s rays beam down onto me,” Sharon Tittletattle, from Hertfordshire told the BBC.

What are you going to do on the three days of sunshine in 2018? Please tell us your stories below. The best answer will get an all expenses paid trip to Southern Cyprus.