EU CYPRUS CRISIS: British Expats Urged Not to Take Their Money Out of Spain

MADRID - Spain - British expats were urged to not take their money out of the next country that contagion from Cyprus will go to.

“We urge you all to keep your money in Spanish banks because it is about as safe as a choir boy bending over in a Catholic church vestry. Please do not worry, when the banks open on Tuesday in Cyprus, everyone will keep their money in there and it won’t all be taken out in a massive frenzy,” Robert Tarreton, a Home Office spokesman in Spain told the BBC World Service.

There is no threat of contagion or panic! FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! Get out NOW!!!! PANIC!!

Eurocrats were quick to assure depositors that they would not do the same thing in Spain as they did in Cyprus with a forced levy.

“We have your best interests at heart. We care about you and your money. Hmm, there must be a lot more money in Spain than Cyprus. Hmmm, I wonder if we could do the same thing as Cyprus. What can you do about it? Nada, nothing. Nah, don’t worry we would never take 40% of your life savings, he,he,he,he!” an unnamed unelected eurocrat revealed on Saturday.

So please keep your money in Spanish banks, there is nothing to worry about, AAAaaargh! There is no need to panic and get your cash out as soon as possible while you still have a chance! You don’t need to transfer it back to the UK pronto! Do not PANIC!!! There is nothing to worry about before the massive capital flight starts from EU banks soon.

  • Happy as Larry

    I can see the cryptic message from the Squib here. Are you urging us to take our money out? Not very subtle is it?? Looks like the mainstream media is cottoning on about now too. They really are slow and need to catch up more eh……lol

    "Savers in the eurozone could see their bank accounts raided in the struggle to shore up the single currency, a senior EU official warned last night."

    GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT How's that for subtle!!!

  • Tim in Barcelona

    I am in Spain and everyone I know is taking there money out fast. I urge anyone who has not woken up yet to wake up if they want to safe your money now. The next few days are going to be bad so before they come for your money get it out quick. All the British expats I know are now getting ready to leave because it will not only be our bank deposits but our property. If you own property please please sell up if you want to keep the equity. I am lucky I sold off in February. I am renting now but I am transferring all that I have back to UK. Don't let the EU ruin you. The talk is they will take 60% deposits here in spain over 80,000 euros and 20% for everyone else. God help us all but goodness sake get moving if you want to keep your money. peace to all. Tim

  • Janice Ex Pat

    Spain braces for ‘tsunami’ of bankruptcies as banks pull plug on zombie developers

    The final collapse of an industry that accounted for as much as 18% of Spain’s growth amid the country’s decade-long real estate boom will add to unemployment, already at a record 26%, depress consumer spending needed to turn around the economy and push down the value of residential real estate that’s already dropped more than 30% since 2007, said Raj Badiani, an economist at IHS Global Insight in London.

    Not looking good!!!!