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“Ve Vill Make You Obey!” Legal Action Against UK by EU

BRUSSELS - Belgium - The EU is commencing legal action against the UK for trying to break free and make its own laws.

“Ve haff vays of making you obey ze EU!” Präsidenten Reichstaffelführer Ursula von der Leyen said today as the unelected members of the EU Commission begun the process of triggering legal action against the UK after Boris Johnson’s government announced plans to break the punitive illegal terms of the Brexit deal that would tie in the UK to EU laws indefinitely.


“Ve own ze UK and your precious Northern Ireland, and to zis end zis legal action is necessary, ve haff ze power to halt ze Brexit you vanted! Ein Britishers cannot leave ze EU ever! You vill alvays be tied to ze EU, and ve vill prosecute you Englishers for trying to leave..Jah!”

Legal Action

The fight is over the controversial U.K. Internal Market bill which is an attempt to supersede the deal initially forged by Remainer-in-Chief Theresa May, that tied the UK to the EU indefinitely.

The EU had given London until Wednesday to withdraw the bill but instead U.K. lawmakers voted 340-256 Tuesday to push the legislation past its last major House of Commons hurdle. It must also be approved by the House of Lords, where it is sure to meet strong opposition because the sordid place is a den of Remoaners all on the Brussels gravy train.

“To make your own laws is illegal! Ve vill teach you Schweinhund Britisher subordinates that EU law is ze ONLY law!”

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