Massive Sink Hole Swallows Up Whole of Florida

FLORIDA - USA - Be careful of the sink hole, it used to be the American state of Florida but is now just one big deep hole.

“One minute it was there, the next it was gone,” Jose Alvarez, 46, a sugar cane picker told local news stations around the state line.

According to news reports a huge sink hole swallowed up the 65,000 square mile state in one fell swoop taking major cities like Miami, Tampa Bay, Orlando, Jacksonville all to the bottom of the 12,000 foot deep hole.

Bubb Waczinski from New York City was about to travel to Orlando’s main attraction, Disney World with his family of four but they missed the plane by twenty minutes.

“Good thing we missed the plane because later on we heard the whole state of Florida was swallowed up. All I want to know is do I get my money back? Shit cost me a fortune.”

President Obama has declared the whole of Florida a disaster zone, while the Republicans have shown their anger that it was not Washington DC that got swallowed up but the Sunshine State instead.

Meanwhile Google Earth will have to adjust its map and satellite images to factor in the massive hole where Florida once used to be.

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