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John Kerry’s Toupee Visits Britain

LONDON - England - Former presidential candidate and Swift boat man, otherwise known as Hanoi John Kerry, visited Britain today and so did his toupee.

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“I must say it is an impressive piece,” Foreign Secretary, William Hague commented when he met Mr Kerry’s toupee.

Mr Hague has even shown interest in acquiring a similar hair piece so he can dazzle his wife Ffion with it.

“I might take her to one of those seedy hotels in Earls Court and get a room with twin beds in it. When I get my new hair, she will most certainly push the two beds together,” Mr Hague quipped.

At one point while visiting Number10 Downing Street a gust of wind blew Mr Kerry’s hair piece off.

Mr Kerry said in his droning monotone voice: “That toupee went down like the Belgrano. Ouch!”

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  1. Murderous scum. If he sleeps with that pig he should have to register as a sex offender. Subhuman filth. Read his book. He is garbage.

  2. You are looking at a $15,000 piece of merchandise. And he probably has a collection. I’ll bet he wears it in bed with whomever.

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