Why Pushing America’s Second Revolution Will Benefit the Elite

WASHINGTON DC - USA - As America's Homeland Security Agency bought billions more rounds of ammunition yesterday to add to their already overflowing arsenal, one must ask the question, what exactly are they preparing for?

It stands to reason that there will soon come a point in the U.S. economy where the deficit will not be able to be paid off. By printing money, there will be a huge spike in inflation and the dollar will collapse into nothing.

Now ask yourself the question. Why is Obama pushing the ‘gun control’ agenda at a time when Americans should be thinking about how to pay the vast social security bill, the Medicaid bill, the Obamacare bill, the food stamp bill, the veterans bill, the baby boomers bill and every other liability old Uncle Sam has to pay right now?

Arthur Weinstein, an economics professor at Stanford University said: “Obama knows very well that America has no chance in paying back its loans to China, and of course, so does China. As the Chinese dragon slows its production, it knows that there will come a time when Americans will have to admit that they cannot pay up and a default will be imminent.”

“The big boys know what’s going to happen, this is why the artificially inflated stock market is rocketing now and suckering in all the chumps while the people who know what’s round the corner are quietly dumping their stock and buying gold at rock bottom prices. When the next wave comes, you better duck fuckers or you’re shit out of luck,” a source on the NYSE revealed today.

As for Obama, he’s simply playing the waiting game and laying the foundations for a second revolution. As he swings another golf club on some luxury course, he probably thinks to himself of what a great job he has done for his masters.

Gerald Balthazar, a key researcher at a leading Washington DC Think tank recently said: “Obama is not as stupid as he looks. He is a person who knows how to harness other people’s energy and talent for his own gain. When the long awaited second American revolution kicks off, he will cheer as he is whisked on to Airforce One.”

The president is pushing the gun control agenda because he knows somewhere along the line someone is going to snap, and when that happens, it will be a great excuse to get out of paying the bills around America. With Soviet techniques like repetition of the message over and over again, he is instilling the gun control agenda within the American psyche but also at the same time creating a massive opposing force. This opposing force will at some point fracture and the shooting will start, at first sporadically then spread like wildfire.

Gun control is the perfect smokescreen for economic ineptitude and disaster. Gun control will also be the catalyst for major civil unrest and to exonerate the authorities on how they dealt with the economic crisis and why their decisions escalated the deficit to impossible levels resulting in Martial law.

The elite want riots to happen, because this is the only way to get out of this mess. They always pride themselves in creating order from chaos, or ordo ab chao as they say in their secret chambers. Soon enough, they will have a whole new jigsaw to assemble once again.