Cammo Gets Begging Bowl Out For the Indians

AMRITSAR - India - "We're broke, and once more we need to plunder your resources," the PM said at a recent grovelling trip to a Indian temple.

When you need some help to get out of a sticky economic situation, you put your pride and dignity by the door and go on a major grovelling exercise, as the British PM is now doing in India.

“I will allow your workforce to come over to Britain as long as we get all those lucrative business deals in India and you open up your box of goodies once again to us,” Cameron said on Monday.

The Imperial legacy of Queen Victoria is still very much evident across the vast sprawling country of India with the architecture and bureaucratic system still intact, but so are some rather dark memories of the era still fresh in the minds of most Indians.

“The days of the Raj are over, and now that Britain is bankrupt, it seems as if they are coming back for more plundering,” an observer of the grovelling operation noted.