U.S. Police Told to Take Guns From the Criminals

NEW YORK - USA - An anti-gun law group is urging the police and Obama to disarm the criminals and not ordinary citizens.

“We want the police to disarm the criminals and not us. Who’s going to disarm the criminals when the police come into our homes and confiscate our weapons?” Al Darpa, an anti-gun confiscation campaigner told CNN last night.

Obama and his Democrat party has been upping the tempo on the gun ban rhetoric as of late and they are now planning sweeping laws which will forbid the ownership of certain guns and magazines.

“The thing is he is making it hard for law abiding U.S. citizens to own guns for protection, but he is not saying how he is going to disarm the criminals who have some of the most sophisticated weaponry out there. Come on Obama, how are you going to disarm the criminals, and when are you going to do it? Why should there be one law for us and no law for them?” another anti-gun ban campaigner said.